Preloved Compressport Full Leg Sleeves


Buy this preloved Compressport Full Leg, Compression Sleeves donated by Ms. Tin Ferrera

Help us Help Fight COVID-19

This fundraising project aims to support those who are helping fight COVID-19 and those who are affected by the lockdown in the Wawa Community. Funds will come from the buying and selling of pre-loved gear.

The Beneficiaries:

1. Frontliners of Montalban

Each donation worth P500 can help us provide a PPE for the frontliners in Montalban via the PPEs for Frontliners

2. Wawa Community Fund

This is to be able to regularly provide the basic supplies and essentials for the communities in Wawa who are affected by the lockdown. The fundraising drive is spearheaded by Thumbie Remigio.

There are three ways to help:

1. Donate your pre-loved gears for selling. Proceeds will go directly to your chosen beneficiary. Just fill up the form here:

2. Buy pre-loved gear. You can view and order them here:

3. Share this post and spread the word.

We can not help everyone but we can always help someone. Let’s start with the community where most of us train weekly.

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Estimated delivery dates: Jul 16, 2024 - Jul 24, 2024